Organic Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

It is apparent that as time zooms past us, the same skin which we flaunted proudly during our youth just isn’t the same anymore. Seeing as how we simply can’t “turn back the clock” we can most certainly reduce signs of aging. There are plenty of chemically soaked “miracle” treatments out there that promise to somehow subtract 20 years overnight. Beware of these so-called shortcuts! When dealing with an organ as sensitive and vulnerable as the skin, the best way to age gracefully is to take an organic course of action.


Cleansing your face should be at the top of your skin care regimen. You must absolutely cleanse the skin DAILY. When picking out a facial cleanser, make sure to choose one that is organic since they don’t contain any harsh chemicals which can cause irreversible damage to the skin. Also, find one that is specifically tailored to the needs of your skin type. For instance, if you have dry or sun damaged skin ILIKE’s Rose Petal.

Cleansing Milk would be perfect for you. Not only do cleansers such as this remove makeup and pollution, but they also nourish, regenerate, and moisturize.


In order to reduce the appearance of dull, worn-out skin, you may want to use an exfoliator. Dead keratine cells tend to build-up on the surface of the skin which then increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliants actually remove these dead cells and soften the skin. Exfoliation of the skin also makes for better penetration of moisturizers and other skin care prodcuts. Also, like any other skin care product be sure to pick out an exfoliator that will work best for your specific skin type. For instance, if your have sensitive skin, ILIKE’s Rosehip Exfoliator is your best bet. It gently hydrates, soothes and removes dead keratine cells while providing your skin with a vitamin boost.

Serums and Eye Creams

After the age of 25, one must begin to consider adding serums and eye creams into the daily skin care mix. Serums are formulated with vitamins, lipids, or antioxidants. They also contain small molecules which are able to penetrate further into the skin, making them extremely powerful and effective. LIke any other skin care product, it is imperative that you choose a serum that works best for your skin type. For instance if you have dry, stressed, tired skin or are experiencing early signs of aging ILIKE’s Age Defense Bioflavonoid Serum will work best for you. This specific serum works to slow the aging process by fighting free radicals with powerful antioxidants, while stimulating collagen production and supplying important vitamins and minerals. It is important to remember that serums must be applied on clean, exfoilated skin before moisturizing.

The skin that surrounds the contour of your eyes is extremely delicate and easily prone to the effects of aging so eye creams are an absolute MUST! Since that layer of the skin is so thin and fragile, a good eye cream is usually creamy and thick. When applying eye cream, use the tip of your ring finger (its the most sensitive of all the fingers) and apply carefully with a gentle tapping motion; make sure not to pull the skin. For dehydrated, aging skinILIKE’s St. John’s Wort Eye Contour Cream will yield the best results. This cream can even be used on the neck area as well as stretch marks and pregnant bellies.


It is important to moisturize EVERY DAY  no matter your skin type or age. Also, don’t just moisturize your face, you must give the rest of your body the same healing attention. It is the key to younger looking skin and, of course, you must use a different moisturizer for your body and face. When picking out a moisturizer, make sure that it is tailored to your specific skin type. For premature or mature, dehydrated skin, ILIKE’s Age Defense Bioflavonoid Moisturizer or Glycolic Medlar Rejuvenating Treatment will work best to nourish and protect skin from the aging process.

Anti-Aging Facials

To top it all off, treat yourself to a relaxing, healing organic anti-aging facial as often as needed. It is best to rejevenate your skin under the watchful eye of a skin care professional.

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